Thursday, May 24, 2007

Emran hashmi vs emran hashmi vs imran hashmi

Emraan hasmi's name has been name has been misspelled as emraan hashmi and imran hashmi.If you are using Emraan hashmi then its well and good and still those who use emran hashmi get good results as google considers the phrase "emraan hashmi" along with emran hashmi when you search for emran hashmi.

If you use "Imran Hashmi" you may not get better results ,if you are searching for the bollywood actor Emraan hashmi.When i searched to analyse online demand of all these three,Emraan hashmi ,emran hashmi had most number of searches and google results for these keywords was better then the keyword imran hashmi.

The results google show for all these keywords are relavent to Emraan hashmi but the most used "Emraan hashmi" will refelct better results ,because webmasters know the game of search engines,and googlers know their game...! and we bloggers are apart.Ha ha ha.

Hey read this last bit: even Imraan hashmi is one of those popular keyword searches done about emraan hashmi