Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Shakeela - mallu ( malayalam ) actress

Shakeela a south indian actress who got most of her fame through malayalam film industry.She has acted in more than 15 movies and still acting in movies.I thought she is one of the important personalities and i should write an interesting entry as she is the most searched (based on searches done by people) south indian actress.

# Shakeela is one of the indian actresses who has written their own online profile.

# Shakeela wants to act with the legends of south india like Rajinikanth and Mohan lal .She wants herself to be recognised as one of the usual actresses of south india.

# Shakeela announced that she is going to write her autobiography.If she write her own biography that may put light on the problems she faced in beginning and the troubles she faced with her co stars or directors.

# Shakeela has acted in Tamil,Malayalam,telugu and kannada movies .That is she has acted in all the prominent south indian languages ,only a small number of actors have acted in all these.( jayam,sree ,sagara,sneha )

# One can meet her online through her myspace profile by clicking here or one can send her an email through hotmail id :shakeela4u@hotmail.com.

# Shakeela faced many court cases against her for her acting sense in movies mainly in malayalam movies.

# Shakeela has decided not to act in those kind of movies she was acting before and has decided to act in any of the south indian decent movies,if she gets chances.

# Those who know malayalam film industry from close range say she has acted in more than 100 movies in malayalam ,but we dont have more data on all those,We can just mention 15 movies she has acted in,Even wikipedia mentions around 10 movies in her profile.

# She is still on the top rank among her competitors like
reshma,silk smitha, devi, Sindhu, Maria, Abilasha, Alfonsa, Jayalalitha, Prathiba.

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