Monday, May 7, 2007

Salman khan -bollywood actor

Salman khan is not one of the interesting charecters of bollywood..? He is the most interesting charecter ever in bollywood.He is an unpredictable man i have seen bollywood.He is a kind fellow from heart and gets into scandals often.I think his charecter in mujse shadi karogi matches with his real mentality (A good man who gets into troubles with his anger ).

Here are the facts that you really recieve as interesting about Salman khan

# Salman khan is from a family with bollywood base,his father Salim khan was a screen writen and his two brothers Arbaaz khan and sohail khan act in movies often which dont grab our attention ,being Salman's brothers they get chances and we like them too.
# Salman khan's relationship with Aishwarya rai is one of the discussed facts in bollywood.Here is what salman khan told hindustan times about Aish "I love [Aishwarya]. I am not hounding her. It’s not a teenage obsession that I feel for her — it’s pure love. She’s such a traditional Hindustani girl at the bottom of her heart. The fact that she respects her parents so much makes me admire her more."

# Salman khan had close relationship with sangeeta bijlani in past.
# salman was sent to jail for shooting "black buck " one of the endangered species during his shooting of hum sath sath hai (Salman khan, karishma kapoor, saif ali khan,Sonali Bendre ,Mohnish Behl and tabu .
# Salman khan's relationship with shahrukh khan is once again good after Salman forced Aishwarya to go out of sets with him from the sets of chalte chalte after which rani mukherjee replaced Aish
# Salman's relationship with katrina kaif and their secrete marriage rumours are the recent hot points about Salman, medias love them too much and they cant stop spreading rumours saying katrina kaif and Salman married secretely a day before Abhishek bachchan and Aish's marriage,infact katrina was in london and Salman was in india that day

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