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Shahrukh khan - Bollywood actor

shahrukh khan
Why is Shahrukh khan called as king khan of bollywood..? Is it because he is more popular among khans of bollywood..? does "king khan" mean he , Does kingkhan mean Shahrukh is the king of bollywood ( Because king=khan ). What ever it may be I believe shahrukh is the king of bollywood.Shahrukh is a worrier because

# Unlike many actors who got chances in bollywood for being born with blood of bollywood and as children of famous bollywood figures shahrukh won chances.I believe he should be called as a worrier actor,he has fought and won battles in life.

# If you are really a die hard fan of shahrukh here is what should know about him,If you can find rich content on shahrukh's personal life its only here And Here is the encyclopedia .The first link along with the chat scripts made me know what really shahrukh from inside and i recommend you to read these.

# Shahrukh and gauri khan's marriage proposal was opposed by gauri chibber's family as shahrukh was a muslim but finally shahrukh won their heart and now they are so lucky their son-in-law is India's leading actor.

# Many actresses' names are linked with shahrukh...! We have seen many stars who broke their first marriage and went on with second marriage.Aamir ,saif ,sunjay and many more did it.Shahrukh neither had gossips nor any close move with any other girl, infact many bollywood actresses moved closely with him and nothing more. Aish, sushmita ,kajol ,priyanka ,juhi are important actresses and friends of shahrukh and we have no samples of kingkhan misbehaving with any of them.

# Dilwale dulhaniya lejayenge seems to be his real story with his mother in law playing amrish puri,s role and you can really notice that he has enjoyed the movie as his own.

# Shahrukh never had close relationship with bollywood from bollywood but won the chances he got,There are plenty of actors who are still struggling to be noticed as prominent actors.

# The only bad thing i heard about shahrukh is that ajay and kingkhan had controversies in the beginning but now it seems settled and both are planning to act together.

# Shahrukh has won most number of awards among today's leading actors of bollywood.

# I still remeber that shahrukh's role in darr was first intended to be given to aamir ,after aamir salman put it down and finally shahrukh got that role,At first shahrukh's role was to played by sunny deol as he was already a star that time he rejected to act in negative role and shahrukh accepted to do it. Luck supports only hard workers,isn't it.

# Shahrukh and gauri had their first child on 1997 ( son aaryan khan ), it seems they were waiting for shahrukh to be approved as a star by people.and they had their second child suhana khan in 2000.

# Shahrukh is successfully hosting KBC tv show .

Here is an image of shahrukh from filckr with his fans ,girls are very very very...happy and i am sure they will keep this copy for ever.

Click on the image to get a magnified view

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